Froggy’s Lair African Dwarf Frogs


Ridge Wallets

A authenticated educational product,

these African Dwarf Frogs are perfect for those

searching for low-maintenance companions.

African Dwarf Frogs’ average lifespan is 5 – 7 years and they grow to about 1.5 – 2 inches! They only require feeding twice a week and a 50% water change every 2 – 3 months.

The Classic Froggy’s Lair Biosphere comes with 2 African Dwarf Frogs, an aquarium with a base and lid, 1 bag of living sand, 1 bag of decorative rock, 1 live plant stalk, 1 food pack equaling 1 year’s food supply, a carrier for easy transport home, and an adoption certificate.  Hop over to University ACE to check them out!

Started in 2013 by a

father and son team, Ridge Wallets

are American-made with an

innovate design. 

​Their flagship material, aluminum, is an ideal balance of durability and weight. Every wallet is RFID blocking and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Plus, the price you see at University Ace will always match the price set by The Ridge, so you know you're getting the best deal. 

​The Ridge is the #1 most googled wallet brand, so come see what all the hype is about!

Smart Tiles

Smart Tiles was launched

by two women in Quebec, Canada,

who were passionate about renovation and wanted tiles that were easy to

install and remove, yet still

beautiful and high-quality.

Smart Tiles help accentuate design spaces that inspire, nurture, and make you fall in love with your living space. Smart Tiles are designed in Quebec and manufactured in North America.

Smart Tiles’ unique and versatile peel-and-stick tiles are available in several colors and patterns. They are easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and even easy to remove!

new at university ace

Casio Watches

Tried and true, Casio watches are perfect for everyday wear! University Ace now carries a wide variety from digital to analog. Come check them out before time runs out!

University ACE is your only local

authorized dealer and service center

for Landmaster UTVs!

Landmaster makes high-quality American- sourced UTVs. To ensure maximum quality control, each frame and part go through a 4-step process: wash, dry, powder booth, and cure. Their eco-friendly wash process uses Zirconium to prevent corrosion. Every UTV must then pass a 112-point inspection process before it is shipped to us, the dealer. 

At University ACE, we want to make sure your product lasts. If your UTV ever needs maintenance, simply bring it to our OPE department (or schedule a pick up!) and we'll get it working like new again. 

Microtech began out of an

apartment and storage bay in

Vero Beach, Florida, in 1994 with

a mission to create the

best knives possible.

27 years later, Microtech is now headquartered in Western North Carolina. Over the years, Microtech has won many awards, most notably the “Innovation Award” in 2011 and the “American-Made Knife of the Year” award in 2019!  Flagship models like the Ultratech, UTX-85, UTX-70, and more are available at University ACE!

Benchmade founder Les de Asis began building handmade custom Bali-Songs in the 1980s (a popular type of butterfly knife originating in the Philippines). In 1987, Les fulfilled his vision to produce in the US, with an even stronger commitment to product availability, quality, and customer relationships. While phrases like “Handmade” and “factory-made” aptly described the knives, it was “Benchmade” that truly expressed the quality of Les’ product. Founded  on the belief that real quality means forever, Les and his team were building an operation that made precision parts, but with legendary American hand-assembly on the finished products. Today, Benchmade continues to focus on innovation, customer needs, responsible business ethics and operations to bring the highest quality products to the world’s elite.

Tactile Turn began in Dallas, TX

with a WWII-era lathe in a

160-square-foot workshop

where the first 1,000 pens

were made by hand.

Founded on the belief that everyday people deserve to use something beautiful, thoughtfully-designed, and well-made, creator, Will Hodges, desinged a pen made out of high-quality machined materials that come with a lifetime warranty.  While the workshop has grown, all of Tactile Turn's pens are still hand-machined in Dallas. 

Available in titanium, copper, bronze, or zirconium, you can choose between a tradtional side click pen or their unique bolt action design. 

Tactile Turn Pens